JS-11 type
Acrylic polymer cement waterproof paint
 Hong Kong's new waterproof coating materials company Panthers (Panthers US-Yau Hong originally waterproof paint factory) is specialized in producing decorative waterproof coating construction
, water-based wall paint and other products environmental professional company. Our main products are the new black panther, Aisi Ai beauty Carrie, the United States Yau's

JS waterproof coatings, interior and exterior green wall paint, PVC bitumen membranes, 108 construction glue products.
   Since its establishment several years, been to the continuous efforts of all staff and struggle, the company has become a major brand in the water business enterprises

   JS waterproof coating produced a series of economic, cheap, good quality, waterproof performance, durability, wide use

Pan, construction convenient, favored by domestic and foreign users, the construction unit of praise. Widely used in residential, hotels, schools, government office

Public building, wall, kitchen toilet and bathroom, the pool, basement, roof water, seepage, moisture and other projects.
·Bathroom furniture, waterproof
·"modified bitumen membrane equ
·Factors that affect the projec
·Origin of leakage should be or
·Seismic fragility of the house
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